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Nevmat Australia is an Australian owned family company with the Electrical and Industry experience of employee’s spanning over 24 years.


Fires can happen anywhere, and the chances are higher in industries where many electrical pieces of equipment are used. There is great need to be prepared to protect your staff in the case of fire outbreak. Emergency lighting systems are designed to serve as a form of a fire safety system to guide your crew to safety in cases of fire outbreak. Emergency lighting installation is required in buildings to provide light when normal lighting fails during a fire.

With recent fire regulation rules, it’s vital every property, especially industries have fire emergency systems, and one of the critical aspects of this is emergency lighting. These lightings illuminate exit routes, hallways, stairwells, and fire exit doors and help occupants to find their way out of the building in the case of a fire. While recent buildings have emergency lighting installed, most industrial buildings which operate out of older premises need to install or reconfigure their lighting to comply with the current emergency lighting regulations.

The best way to ensure your emergency lighting is compliant is to leverage the services of an industry-approved emergency lighting electrician in Australia. They’ll be able to assess if your property meets regulatory standards and advise the best course of action.

Nevmat Australia Pty Ltd Emergency Lighting Services

Our fire-industry approved electricians have been installing emergency lighting in all sorts of industrial properties for over 25 years and know the best way to keep your facility compliant. Because the service is a complex one, we only use fire industry experts to install emergency or escape lighting that will leave you confident that you’re left fire-safety compliant.

We design and install your lighting system to comply with all fire, life safety regulations and standards as well as perform regular inspections and maintenance to ensure you’re ready for the emergencies. We not only design and install emergency lighting, but we also offer emergency lighting repair services and emergency lighting maintenance services. We offer you full package security solutions which include a free site survey, expert advice, reliable service and customized solutions for fire protection. We understand that every business is different and we’re available to answer any questions you may have.

We offer bespoke lighting solutions and can also advise you about the best places for emergency lighting to be sited. Our custom made emergency lighting packages are structured to suit your budget as we have the best emergency lighting pricing in the industry. Our relationship with lighting suppliers helps us get the best lightings for you.

We offer the most dependable emergency lighting solutions, and we remain up to date with all industry standard training, technology, and process innovations. We carry mission-relevant tools and spares specific to your operation to ensure we execute your project on the spot.

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