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Nevmat Australia is an Australian owned family company with the Electrical and Industry experience of employee’s spanning over 24 years.


Just like most things in life, electrical systems don’t last forever. However, they can be used for an extended time if adequate maintenance is carried out. Industrial electrical maintenance is an area which is often overlooked or is low down on the priority list of many industries. Many fail to realize that failing to maintain electrical equipment properly, appliances and systems could result in severe consequences which will cost more to repair or replace.

A significant number of industrial hazards occur as a result of faulty electrical installations such as cables, plugs, and equipment. This makes adequate maintenance essential if one wishes to keep both machines and work environment safe for use by employees. Besides the safety, it guarantees, electrical maintenance helps your equipment last longer.

Though the benefits of industrial electrical maintenance are numerous, the complexity and inherent danger of working with electrical systems make it vital for only expert electricians to conduct maintenance evaluations. The maintenance has to be carried out regularly and in a safe way, with appropriate protection of both electricians and employees present at the site.

As a fully trained and equipped industry electrical maintenance service provider, Nevmat Australia Pty Ltd provides you with reliable electrical maintenance services, whether planned or reactive. Our electrical maintenance services include but are not limited to electrical test and tag, shift cover, RCD testing, and emergency light testing. Over the years, we’ve successfully built our maintenance division around the needs of our clients and with our highly experienced team, we guarantee prompt, careful and quality maintenance services. As a company built on integrity and honesty, we are tired of seeing hardworking people pay way too much for the maintenance services they need, so we give you great value for your money.

Our maintenance team consists of engineers and technicians with years of experience in the industry. We integrate our maintenance services to cover all aspects of your electrical systems, and we provide you with a complete and hassle-free service that doesn’t disrupt your industry’s workflow. We aim to give you the best in technical expertise and service delivery by investing heavily in the continual training and retraining of our service team and entire staff. We stay up to date with the latest technologies and processes to ensure we always deliver maintenance services you can rely on.

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We understand that you value your time, finance and the quality of service you receive and we work with utmost efficiency to ensure we give you the most affordable fabrication and engineering services without compromising our quality standards. Our fully experienced and insured engineers are always ready and bring all the tools to the site to ensure you get the best.

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