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Nevmat Australia is an Australian owned family company with the Electrical and Industry experience of employee’s spanning over 24 years.

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The importance of electrical engineers and electrical engineering services in your facility can never be overestimated. Right from the time of designing your facility, good electrical engineering is crucial. An electrical engineer takes care of numerous building and equipment functions including power, heating, lighting, cooling, ventilation, water amenities, etc.

This vital nature of electrical engineering in the planning of your facility makes it imperative for you to consult with an experienced electrical engineer to construct a plan that outlines in a detailed way, the electrical plan of the facility. An electrical engineer will determine the suitability of a site and access if there is easy access for supply lines. They can also monitor installer’s work to ensure they conform with the design and code standards, to ensure your facility adhere to the necessary electrical standards.

When you have a standby or contract electrical engineer, you’ll get your circuits designed and all your electrical projects taken care of to ensure power is maintained in your facility.

Nevmat Australia Pty Ltd provides contract electrical engineering services which include but not limited to PLC installation and programming, automation installation and programming, design and certification. Our team of electrical engineers and designers apply their in-depth knowledge of electrical codes and fundamentals coupled with their hands-on experience to design and implement an intuitive, cost-effective, robust solution for your electrical challenges.

From large projects to small projects, we have the skill set, knowledge base, and experience to fill all your electrical needs. Because we have designed facilities ranging from small to large, we understand how scale impacts system requirements and how to design flexibility for future growth. You can leverage our extensive experience, to spend less money and build and/or maintain an electrical system that will serve you both today and in the future.

We combine our full sense of project responsibility with our great communication sense to give you a complete and risk-free engineering service that’ll help you achieve your goal. We stay up to date with the latest technologies, codes, and processes to ensure we always deliver results you can count on.

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